Pavilion designed by OMA for Kanye West


Kanye West and his creative team, Donda, are delving into the world of cinema to invent new ways to experience the moving image through his first short film at the Cannes Film Festival:

Kanye West‘s Cruel Summer was shown on seven cinema screens surrounding the audience inside a pyramid designed by architects OMA at the Cannes Film Festival in France yesterday. Located along Palm Beach, the pyramid’s canopy is hemmed to open up a panoramic backdrop of Cannes and the Mediterranean while creating an effect of levitation above the red carpet. The pavilion is designed to immerse the audience in a space defined by seven screens of cinematic proportions (17’ x 17’, 17’x30’’). Shot with a custom seven-camera rig in Qatar, Cruel Summer was envisioned for this space as a constellation of projections that wrap around the audience through the configuration of the screens. Film goers ascend into the pyramid along a continuous red carpet that widens into the 200 seat auditorium. The project was designed out of OMA’s New York office with project architect Oana Stanescu in collaboration with Donda and 2×4, Inc.